Subscriptions to the World Social Fórum (FSM2018) are already open in the website Anyone interested can apply in the following modalities: Participant, Committee and Workgroup, Entity, Activity, Solidary Subscriptions and Special Cases. The deadline for subscriptions goes until February 28 of 2018, with exception to subscription of participants and organizations that can be made online, until March 12, and on location during the event.

The FSM 2018 will be held between 13 and 17 of March next year, having as main territory the Campus of Ondina, of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). From Parque do Abaeté (Abaeté’s Park), in Itapuã, to Parque São Bartolomeu (St Bartholomew’s Park), in Salvador’s suburbs, several locations will become territories of dialogue and convergence of the Forum.

Only collectives or organizations will be able to submit Activities that will become part of the Forum’s programme. These activities will be self-managed, therefore, the organizations themselves should oversee the definition of the speakers’ names and their presence in Salvador, by its own means and methods. The organization of the Forum will be responsible for guarantee the space for realization of the proposed activity and its disclosure in the Forum’s website schedule.

Resulting from a lengthy process of dialogue promoted by the Brazillian Collective as well as international consultations, there are 19 thematic axes which will be available to subscription, ranging from “Communication and Free Media” to “Migrations” and “Black Lives Matter”.

The innovation in the 2018 edition is to unite axes, mottos and banners in order to contribute to the process of mobilization and articulation between resistances, which are open and can be proposed by webs, platforms, organizations and social movements. Some mottos already suggested in consultations made in the Forum’s website are: “Life isn’t a merchandise”, “Nothing about us, without us”, “Citizenship without Borders”, among others.

These are the thematic axes of the FSM 2018:

  • Ancestrality, Land and Territoriality;
  • Communication, Technology and Free Media;
  • Resistance Cultures;
  • Democracies;
  • Economy’s democratization;
  • Development, Social and Ambiental Justice;
  • Right to the City;
  • Human Rights;
  • Science and Education, for the Emancipation and Sovereignty of People;
  • Feminism and Women’s Fight;
  • Future of the World Social Forum;
  • LGBTQI+ and Gender Diversity;
  • Anticolonial Fights;
  • Migrations;
  • World of Work;
  • A World without racism, intolerance and xenophobia;
  • Peace and Solidarity;
  • Indigenous People;
  • Black Lives Matter.


To resist is to create, to resist is to Transform!



Shared communication of the World Social Forum 2018


Ana Paula De la Orden: +55 71 99277.1624

Glenda Lima: +55 71 98723.5841

Tradução: Vitor Dantas

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