• Chris Williams publicou uma atualização no grupo Logo do grupo Universidade Popular dos Movimentos Sociais - UPMSUniversidade Popular dos Movimentos Sociais – UPMS 2 anos, 10 meses atrás

    Se necessário, posso apresentar uma tradução em português, através do Google Translate.

    Internationally, the conservative, neoliberal narrative is gaining strength at a political and ideological level. Whilst some social movements have mounted a resistance, these outcomes are largely underwhelming, poorly led and … too often tragic. One need only reflect on the student shooting at the Florida (USA) high school to witness that the strongest voices, the voices not prepared to surrender in the face of NRA and other opposition were the teenage students. I fear they have been under-resourced and over-whelmed, which is tragic.

    Here in Asia, Sea Shepherd Australia continues to challenge the Japanese whaling fleets in the Antarctica despite the lax attitudes and response from governments in the region. Sea Shepherd has led and supported successful cases in the International Court of Justice against the Japanese whalers, who have resorted to military-grade technologies against the social movement. For 2018, Sea Shepherd deemed it too unsafe to deploy to Antarctic waters against such technologies, and searches for means to counter this resistance in future campaigns.


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