• Gabriel Nosetto a adressé une note au groupe Logo du groupe Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam NetworkVasudhaiva Kutumbakam Network il y a 2 ans et 10 mois

    Bello! Our organization, Madre Tierra (www.madretierra.org.ar) wants to support this initiative 4 . We would like to have an encounter with you to coordinate actions. At this moment I am traveling to Bahia. This Wednesday at 11 o’clock we will be in PAF I, room 208. If you suggest another meeting point, please tell me. I hope to meet you soon! regards!

    • From our team Uddhab Pyakurel from Nepal and Thomas Wallgren from Finland will be there. I have not been able to find the events we registered in the programme. so I am not sure how to facilitate a meeting with you all.


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