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Titre Frontières pour la capitale pas pour le peuple!

Thème - Territoire

Slogan Democratização da Economia

Descrição / Relato

The far-right is gaining ground in Europe and the EU is forcing militarization and externalization of borders and a brutal border regime that neglects even basic human rights. At the same time, big capital enjoys impunity and free-trade agreements are lobbied and signed behind closed doors. In this seminar, we will speak about the current situation in the continent and the counterstrategies that will help us avert a dire future: Europe becoming a golden birdcage for the privileged.

Katerina Anastasiou, facilitator of the chapters Migration and Global Strategy, transform!europe , Austria
Theodora Kotsaka, Nikos Poulantzas Institute, advisor Greek Greek parliament, Free-trade agreements – commons , Greece
Cuca Hernández, Attac, on TISA or the treaty that will end our social services and our future.
Federico Severino, Instituto 25M, Madrid

This workshop is co-organized with attac

Date(s) - 15/03/2018
10:00 - 12:30 .


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