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    ENGLISH (un message a été envoyé il y a qq minutes en FRANCAIS)
    Hello to you
    Here Vaillant from the facilitation team “wsf2018 extension”
    This message may interest you if
    A / If you DO NOT COME to Salvador de Bahia and are interested in participating at a distance personally
    B / If you DO NOT COME to Salvador de Bahia and are interested in participating remotely by organizing a meeting in your city of type “WSF cafe” between 13 and 17 March by connecting you to the site of the forum
    C / If you COME to Salvador de Bahia organize an activity and think about your friends who stay at home and want to include them as remote participants in this activity
    We send you TWO INVITATIONS 1 / join an information group IN ENGLISH and 2 / join its associated whatsapp group
    1 / you are invited to search for the group “FSM2018 WITH REMOTE PARTICIPATION EXTENSION” on the site: connect to the wsf2018.org site with your account, search for “participation” in the menu “organizations”, read the information and visible links in the group page, click on the blue “join group” button if you are interested.
    When we are together in this group, we receive notifications in our mailbox of written messages (you can see these messages of news of the group under the description of the group in its page)
    2 / click on the following link with your mobile phone with whatsapp and you will be in the whatsapp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/0s3hmoC41TH7TegveL1xi0
    Once in the wsp group, it will be easier to send you links and give you information about remote participation possibilities
    We are waiting for you in these two groups to answer your questions to accompany you for remote participation

    @talla @montero @stefan @fiomcgil @vincentpl @ymercier @hamid @almawahib @quatre @leninraj @ferdinand @123@mikkoli @muna @muriel @elhadi @noura @reneforster @reseauproddes @democratie2018 @sanae123 @tylerhauger @upyakurel


Deixe uma mensagem e etornaremos o mais rápido possível. You can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap./puede enviarnos un correo electrónico y nos comunicaremos con usted lo antes posible./vous pouvez nous envoyer un email et nous reviendrons vers vous, dès que possible.

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