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Titulo Justicia para los PMA: sigan sus compromisos a través de la acción

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When the UN General Assembly established the category of Least Developed Countries in 1971, there were 25 LDCs and today there are 47 of these countries. The LDCs with a total population of 954 million people represent the poorest and the weakest segment of the international community. We need to question the development cooperation strategy that has failed to bring equitable development in the LDCs. The overarching global governance led by ruthless financialization and corporatization goes against the spirit and principle of development effectiveness. We need a fundamental shift from the current development model that has failed to address the LDCs’ issues to an alternate pro-people, pro-planet development paradigm based on human rights, human dignity, justice and planetary boundaries, and these have been key advocacy agenda for LDC Watch.

LDCs have been promised with many things such as increase in climate funding for the purpose of meeting LDCs’ mitigation and adaptation needs against climate change, 0.15 to 0.20 percent of developed countries’ GNI as Official Development Assistance (ODA) to LDCs, increased market access for export of LDCs’ products, and end to trade-distorting measures in agriculture, among many others. However, many of these commitments have not been met and the efforts on the part of the developed countries and the international community are still inadequate to address the development inequality that has prevented LDCs from having a sustainable graduation into developing economies. LDC Watch demands the developed countries and international community to fulfil their commitment through action on the issues of climate justice, trade, food sovereignty and development assistance, and other relevant issues.

Against this background, LDC Watch is organising a seminar titled: ‘Justice for LDCs: Follow Your Commitments through Action’ , a side event in World Social Forum 2018 taking place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil from March 13 to 17, 2018. The Seminar will convene on 13th March, 2018 with the theme “Development, Social and Environmental Justice” with the motto “Nothing About Us, Without Us”. LDC Watch has been an active participant in World Social Forum in the past- raising the voice of the people of least developed countries. This year too, LDC Watch will be putting the voice of the LDC civil society organizations loud and clear through this seminar. It is important to have the voice of the people of LDCs organised and conveyed to the world and the World Social Forum is an ideal platform to get our voices heard.

The seminar is falls under WSF’s theme: ‘Development, Social and Environmental Justice’. Its focus is on the need for the Least Developed Countries to develop economically, environmentally and socially alongside the rest of the world for a fair world.

The seminar aims to increase awareness on the unfulfilled commitments that development partners of LDCs – including governments, bilateral and multilateral organizations, corporations- have made to support development of LDCs. We intend to double down on civil society’s calls on fulfillment of commitments made by all development partners and reinforce the role of civil society as partners and pressure groups of development partners to fulfill their commitments.

Date(s) - 13/03/2018
09:00 - 12:45 .


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