The re-elected rector of the State University of Bahia (UNEB), José Bites de Carvalho, and the elected vice-rector, Marcelo Ávila, have taken office during a ceremony last Friday (5), in the university’s Theatre, in Salvador. The professors will be responsible for the 2018-2021 quadrennium administration, after a victory of 64,46% from the academic community’s valid votes registered in the last election.

During the ceremony, it was read the letter “The UNEB in the World Social Forum” that highlights the support and the University’s involvement in the 2018 Forum. “The State University of Bahia finds itself involved in the discussion of the World Social Forum since the efforts taken for it to happen in Salvador”, noted the rector.


Read the letter in its entirety:

UNEB in the World Social Forum

Worlds Social Forum’s General Slogan: “To resist is to create, to resist is to transform”

The 13th edition of the World Social Forum (FSM), will take place in Salvador from 13 to march 17 2018 and will gather about one hundred and fifty thousand representatives of social movements, organizations, researchers, rural and urban workers, students, union leaders from Brazil and other countries and continents, to engage in important debates relating to the defence of social and environmental causes.

Amongst the actions to be driven during the five days of the Forum, the World Assembly of Women is being expected to gather thirty thousand women from all over the world, aiming to unit, to strengthen and broaden worldwide efforts in the defence of feminine population’s rights.

The State University of Bahia (UNEB) is involved in the discussion of the FSM since the efforts taken for it to happen in Salvador. Currently the coordination of works is under responsibility of Professor Rosana Mara Chaves Rodrigues, Phd, from the Education Department, Campus I, who also manages the Centre of Academic Countryside Education and Territorial Development (CAECDT).

We have decided, both internally and with the Organization Committee of the Forum, that we will act in fronts with which the UNEB has great capillarity: stablishing contact, mobilizations and dialogue with social movements we already work with, and with Bahia’s Identity Territories, for we are present in seventeen territories inside the state, which in the most part, compose the Committee for Territory Management, space of articulation and management of territorial politics.

We hope that every one of the Departments propose concrete actions to involve the academic community and the FSM territory, the territory agenda, the semester opening, involving and supporting students and volunteer’s actions in the Youth Camp, among other local ang global actions.

We do reaffirm our commitment to the FSM of taking action in the most organic way in two fronts:

  1. To articulate and formulate of a militant voluntarist corpus, to mobilize our academics through local debates, media, social networks and so on, and to accomplish their formation in the perspective of an engaged assistance to the causes and debates of the Forum;
  2. To contribute in the construction of the Territorial Forums, mobilizing, articulating and creating material conditions to ensure movement and accommodation to the academic and general community of the territories, as well as contributing in the articulation of delegates and representatives that will join in other worldwide representatives in Salvador.

The current conjecture of the FSM makes it a space that reaffirms the supremacy of humans’ rights over economic and financial interests. With the adverse international economic situations, there’s great expectations over the 2018 encounter in Salvador. A new Principles Letter should be approved in this state’s capital, as a way of defending democracy and ensuring that concrete political actions be taken.

In this sense, the UNEB, as an institution committed with the humans’ rights and social equality agenda safeguarded by the FSM, counts with collaboration from the entire UNEBianscommunity in the task of articulate politics in favour of differences side by side with social segments historically discriminated.

Salvador, January 5th 2018.

José Bites de Carvalho



Shared Communication of the WSF 2018
Text: Glenda Lima
Translation: Vitor Dantas



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