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From the Ondina campus (UFBA) to the Pituaçu stadium. From Terreiro de Jesus to Itapoã, the World Social Forum 2018 was held between March 13 and 17, in Salvador, Bahia, and mobilized the city and visitors as a meeting of resistance to the dismantling of democracies.

With two thousand activities, he claimed and proposed other paths towards a more just society, but he was also impacted by the reality of political violence when he received, on his third day, the news of the cowardly execution of Marielle Franco and his driver.

The 2018 edition took place at a time when progressive forces struggle to resist hatred and fundamentalism transformed into weapons of economic power. And he sought to reaffirm that no oppressive power can supplant human creativity in its resistance processes where it is historically revolutionary and

This 2018 WSF Report speaks of the collective experience of building an event dedicated to resistance.

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