Faixa contra o golpe no Brasil - Faixa colocada em frente ao Tribunal que julgará Lula dia 24 de Janeiro diz: interrompa o golpe

Porto Alegre,  once again,  calls on social movements and leaders to raise their voices against the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where rich governments and corporations outline new strategies to impose their model of neoliberal exploitation to the rest of the world.

Brazilian entities who build the 2018 World Social Forum in Salvador, Bahia, in march, will be in Porto Alegre to  join the historical organizations of the WSF in Rio Grande Sul. They denounce the global scenario of destruction of national economies, destabilization and coups against democratic governments for subordination of countries to global elites.

The anti-Davos struggle is a worldwide call of the WSF organizations. But in Brazil the dates coincide with the hasty fixation of the trial without evidence of former President Lula to withdraw him from the presidential elections this year and complete the coup begun with the immobile impeachment of President Dilma.

The WSF is a space of civil society that denounces to the whole world the seriousness of the events destined to wound down the democracies in Latin America. On  23rd January, WSF organizations debate with political and social leaders to confront the state of exception introduced in Brazil to subjugate it to neoliberalism already rejected by the people in several elections.

On the 24th, the date of the trial of the former president, set in a record time by the Judiciary, there will be vigilance and protests, charging respect for the precepts of the right to end a process without accusatory basis questioned around the world. Several jurists and intellectuals will already be in Porto Alegre on January 22th  for a debate on the errors and judicial sins that contaminate the trial.

Brazilian facts can determine the future of Latin American democracies and place on social movements and left-wing parties the historical weight of dramatically defending them against the forces of predatory international elites.

The WSF have representatives of the Movement of the Landless Workers (MST) and the Movement of Homeless Workers (MTST), the National Union of Students, trade unionists, parliamentarians and the WSF International Council.

Shared Communication of the WSF 2018
Text: Rita Freire
Translation: Fátima Fróes
Audio: Léa Santana


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