The diversity of the struggles goes to Salvador

The WSF 2018 will take place in Salvador, Bahia, with seminars, plenary sessions, workshops, cultural activities and conferences. It will have marches and acts through the city. It will mobilize solidarity networks of welcome to participants and also the academic community.

In the university, in the city, in the peripheries

The main territory will be the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), but the WSF will spread through the public, cultural and peripheral spaces of the city. There will be camp for youth. To participate, social movements, groups and organizations seek to make their delegations viable since now, and everyone can support participants from other places, contributing to a Solidarity Fund or directly inviting those who can not afford transportation.

Resistance Encounter

The dreams of humanity today are confronted with the fundamentalisms of wars and xenophobia and systems of domination with their new ways of striking liberties and democracies. The ability to resist is violently challenged. That is why the organizations and movements aligned with the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum again call themselves together to gather their diversity of struggles and join forces for resistance.

Salvador 2018 will be this moment of encounter: horizontal, self-managed, determined. If you agree with the WSF Charter of Principles, you are already a part of it. Contribute, in person or at a distance. The Salvador meeting will be networked, with everyone who wants to participate.

Plenária em Salvador

In the meetings, marches and protests of the WSF, the formulation of alternatives

Another World is Possible: the conviction that drives the struggles for transformation.

As inscrições, de participantes e de atividades autogestionadas ficam abertas de dezembro de 2017 a 20 de fevereiro de 2018 pelo site Para saber mais, escreva para

To resist is to create, to resist is to transform!

As the inscriptions come, the WSF is gaining form. Accompany in the list of activities, the themes of resistance that mobilize the transforming capacity that comes from social struggles


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