Olivia Santana, foto de rosto em destaque. De tranças, brincos argola e blusa vermelha, ela aparece sorrindo

We, the Brazilian Collective and the Facilitating Group We at FSM 2018, which is being built in Salvador – Bahia, want to express our protest and indignation at the racist aggression suffered by the Secretary of Public Policies for Women of this state, Olívia Santana, when she participated as a speaker at an event held at the Hotel Catussaba , in Salvador – Bahia.

According to video circulating on the Internet, Olivia was surrounded and held by a woman who offended her and yelled that she would return to the favela, that her place would not be that of the middle-class hotel.

We join the protest of black Brazilian women who denounce that this is a situation to which they are subjected daily in the Country, where racism is a cause of violence, exclusion, discrimination, and the extermination of black youth.

Black women suffer double the prejudice, which causes hatred of the bourgeoisie against those who hold positions of leadership and authority, as is the case of Olivia Santana.

To her, we express our support. And together with the demonstrations of black women, we ask for the authorities responsible to ensure that this crime is not ignored or remain in impunity.

The Brazilian Collective and the Facilitating Groupof WSF 2018

Salvador, February 3, 2018


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