Foto Antiga de ativistas pichando Fora a Ditadura durante o Regime Militar

The organizations and social movements that compose the Facilitator Group of World Social Forum 2018 hereby express its repudiation regarding the Military Intervention at Rio de Janeiro state, installed by an illegitimate government that criminalizes Rio de Janeiro’s society. This political measure defines the periphery and its inhabitants as “hostile territory”, illegally imposing death penalty to Brazilians who, concerning this situation of Military siege, questions its authority.

Military interventions in general, and this one in particular, are an attack over all democratic tenets because they are an act against its own people. This absurd and anti-democratic measure will have no positive effect regarding the violence problem present in Rio de Janeiro, which is caused by structural issues.

To solve the violence problem, be it in Rio de Janeiro or in Brazil, there must be structural reforms through public policies of income distribution to fight the causes of hunger, unemployment, who can promote better policies regarding health and education, making them public and free, and guaranteeing human rights, which are indeed fundamental conditions to build a society of solidarity and peace.

Using the Military Forces against its own people is an inadequate technical and political option, for they are trained and constituted to the defense of Brazilian territory and to face an external enemy. This measure will only result in worst political and social instability, diverting the Military of its true institutional function. The real causes of this crisis are not in the lack of Military forces, but in the generalized and institutionalized corruption that spreads over Brazilian state, which is functioning to the interests of the National and International capital. We denounce the connection of this Military Intervention to the other coups on democracy occurring in Latin America countries, with escalating violence perpetrated by the state.

That is why we urge the Brazilian citizens, represented by thousands of collectives and social movements, to maintain mobilized in the defense of the legitimate interests of Brazilian people. We will proceed with the organization of World Social Forum that will be held on mars, from the 13th to the 17th of 2018, so it can be a special moment of articulation, organization and resistance not only in Brazil, but also in Latin America and throughout the world.

We repudiate the Military Intervention in Rio de Janeiro and invite the Brazilian and World civil society to gather in Salvador at the WSF 2018 to organize a democratic resistance.

Salvador, February 18 2018

Abong – Articulação Mulheres Negras – Associação Vida Brasil – CEBRAPAZ – CEN – Ciranda – CLACSO – CONAM – CONEN – CTB – CUT – Filhos do Mundo – Fórum Baiano de Economia Solidária – Rede Mulher e Mídia – União Brasileira de Mulheres – UNISOL

Shared Communication WSF 2018
Translation: Fátima Fróes


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