LOGO FSM – WSF LOGO – The 2018 World Social Forum already has its official logo. The WSF 2018 Facilitating Collective announced the result of the public voting ended on Saturday for the selection of the logo of the next edition of the world meeting that will take place from 13 to 17 March in Salvador, Bahia. The logo created by the artist Beto Fagundes, from Porto Alegre – RS, and which had the participation of the designer of Flora Farias, from Vitória da Conquista – BA in the proposal of composition, received the best evaluation of the people who voted through the internet, among the three selected by the Technical Commission, from 06 to 16 September.

The work scored 382 ratings and a weighted average of 4.08 stars out of 484 voters. The other two selected works were created by artists Ioannis Kafidas, from Itajaí, Brazil, with 348 ratings and a weighted average of 3.18 stars and Brahim Aitoubraim, from Morocco, with 352 ratings and a weighted average of 2.68 stars

The platform for evaluation of the proposals for the WSF 2018 logo received a large majority of votes coming from Brazil, with 70% of the evaluations followed by Morocco with 10% and France with 8%. Also voted by people from Mexico, the United States, Lebanon, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, Senegal, Finland, Colombia, Benin, Nicaragua, Cuba, Netherlands, Palestine, Germany, Peru, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Chle , Argentina and Spain.

The complete article is in Portuguese, awaiting translation voluntary.






And the chosen tipography for his work:

Tipografia logo FSM
























Proposta logo FSM










Logo FSM 2018









Logo FSM 2018



The chosen logo will now be presented to the WSF International Council, which will be held on October 15 and 16 in Salvador, and will already be used in the printed and electronic materials of the WSF International Seminar on 17 and 18, also in Salvador, at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)

The selection of the three winning logos with a symbolic value of R $ 500.00 each, and the choice of the finalist by the public, does not eliminate the interest of the organization in the other works presented. As previously reported, artists will be consulted on the availability of creations for other uses of proposals in communication activities.

The Technical Commission thanks the other artists and artists who brought to the construction of the WSF 2018 energy and inspiration.

Check out the official WSF 2018 logo on the materials and at www.fsm2018.org

Congratulations Beto Fagundes
Congratulations Ioannis and Brahim
As you have shown, resisting is creating, resisting is transforming


  1. Weny souza 5 years ago

    Não vejo a hora de termos informações sobre inscrição ?

  2. Maria de Fátima bergamini 5 years ago

    Ponte Nova, 23 de outubro de 2017.

    Parabéns, pela Logo marca. Adorei!!!!!!!
    Desejo -lhe sucesso para todos os organizadores deste evento FORUM SOCIAL Mundial.
    Pretendo ir a Salvador em março de 2018.

  3. Maria de Fátima bergamini 5 years ago

    Solicito informação quando será o período as inscrições do Forum Social Mundial..

    Endereço.,Av. Antônio Brant Ribeiro ,128 Vila Centénario – Ponte Nova – Mg Cep. 35.430 – 036

    • admin 5 years ago

      Oi Maria de Fátima. As inscrições estão previstas para início a partir de novembro. Enviaremos aviso ao seu email.

  4. Vania Maria 5 years ago

    O nosso coletivo está ansioso para se inscrever e garantir a chance de participar pela primeira vez do FSM!!!

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