The World Social Forum is a self-management process, i.e. there is not a central coordination to decide what will happen at the event. Each collective, base group, interest groups, network of movements and international organizations decide what and how the activities will be done at the WSF. That means the Brazilian Committee and the Facilitator Group have the task to create all conditions in order to make the best of this self-management dynamic such as ensuring the welcoming of people, the registrations, infrastructure, security, information, equipments, space for the activities, solidarity accommodation etc.

The Work Groups congregate people and organizations that are grouped by specific activity areas in order to speed up and facilitating the addressing of activities. They are not an instance of decisions and can be open or not, depending on its tasks and necessities.


Dinâmica de funcionamento dos Grupos de Trabalho.

Work Groups operating dynamics.


  • What’s the role of the work groups at the WSF?

Supporting the Facilitator Group to organize the WSF 2018. It is not an instance of decisions but an workspace and articulation of tasks.


  • Can anyone join in the WGs?

The work groups are made up of volunteers or indicated people from social organizations and movements.


  • Does it have to be part of some organization to participate in the WGs?

No, it doesn’t. The only requirement is having time, ability to work in a team and understanding on what WSF is.


4-Is there a limited number of organizations or people to be part of the WGs?

Each Work Group can define its dynamic, composition and operation. That means they can be open or not, depending on the quantity of works and complexity of the tasks.


5-Are the WGs local?

No, they aren’t. The participation is not restricted to the location you live.


6-            What can I do to participate?

Send an email with your name and your organization to the WG that you want to participate. The emails and contacts are in the attached list.


7-            Is there coordination in the WG?

There are facilitating organizations which have the role of promoting the integration of the participants in the group and the exchanging of the work groups.


8-Are the WGs meetings face-to-face?

The meetings to submit the proposals to the WG can be both face-to-face and from distant.



The World Social Forum (WSF) – Visit our website

Official email:

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WORK GROUP CONTACTS (email, whatsapp) Facilitating Organizations
1 Mobilização / Mobilization

Responsible for mobilizing people, organizations and social movements of Bahia, Brazil and the World through of WSF 2018’s dissemination.

Edson França –

Marcos Rezende –

Unegro, CEN
2 Comunicação / Communication

Responsible for mobilizing communicators, defining the strategies and dynamics of shared communication, besides defining the material, organization and maintenance of the website and animation of social networks.

Rira Freire –

Fátima Froes –

Ciranda, Rede Mulher e Mídia
3 Finanças / Finances

Responsible for the institutional relationship with the public bodies that support the WSF and the funding of international supporters.

Mauri Cruz –

Anne Sena –

Abong, CUT,
5 Infraestrutura / Infrastructure

Responsible for mapping necessities of the networks and organizations that will attend the event and the list with the public bodies that will provide space for the WSF.

Gilberto Leal –

Islândia Costa –


Conen, Vida Brasil

6 Feira de Economia Solidária / Solidarity Economy Fair

Responsible for mapping enterprises which have commercial interest on products and services of WSF, for defining the necessaire infrastructure to Solidarity Economy Fair.

Débora Rodrigues –

Magda de Almeida –

Fórum Baiano de Economia Solidária, Unisol
7 Programação e Metodologia/ Programming and Methodology

Responsible for organizing the dynamic of the WSF, specially the collective and self-managed moments.

Sheila Ceccon –

Damien Hazard –

IPF, Vida Brasil
8 Acampamento Internacional da Juventude / International Youth Camp

Responsible for articulating networks and social movements that will camp on WSF, organizing spaces, communal kitchen, WCs, showers, control structure of in and out, activities etc.

Augusto Oliveira –

João Miguel – Coletivo Quilombo

CUT, Coletivo Quilombo
9 Cultura / Culture

Responsible for articulating registration and selection of the moments and cultural activities as well as during the activities and shows.

Ametista Nunes –

Álvaro Queiroz –

Cebrapaz, CTB
10 Voluntárias/os / Volunteers

Responsible for registration and organizing the volunteers available for the WSF’s activities.

Flora Brioschi (CTB) e Naiara Alvin (CUT)



Tradução: Edvania Viegas (voluntária)


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