FSM Communication WSF Comunicação FSM Comunicación
The statement was released on Tuesday (29) by the Secretariat of the WSF International Council.

FSM Communication WSF

Dear participants in the communication of the WSF and media-activists in general

We would like to inform all of you that the process of organizing the WSF 2018, in Salvador – Bahia, is now beginning with the announcement of an Invitation Open Letter, which follows this link.

In the Brazilian Collective, which is responsible for the local organization, we have started a Local Communication WG that has already been carrying out some initial basic tasks of dissemination.

The proposal of the communication to the WSF – organizational territories, media centers, hacklab or shared initiatives – as well as international dissemination strategies, are still to be built with all the WSF participants who want to join the Communication WG.

With this call and the enclosed Open Letter, we consider open the WG of Communication of the World Social Form.

We await your manifestation by email comunica@fsm2018.org


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