This programming proposal was prepared by the Methodology WG at a meeting held on November 7, in Salvador. The next day, November 8, the programming was presented to the WSF 2018 Facilitating Group that analyzed it, made contributions and then approved it.

List of attendance attached.


– Press conference


– opening gear




14/3 and 15/3


– Convergence activities: Activities coordinated by groups of organizations or movements that work in different struggles will come together to discuss one or more axes of WSF 2018. The proposal is to favor convergences around issues that affect various struggles. These large desks should encourage the elaboration of proposals of incidence for the self-managed activities that will be carried out in the afternoon. Those who wish can produce proposals to be taken to the Assembly of Peoples and to Agora.

– Large Conferences: They can be proposed and carried out by organizations and movements.


– Self-managed activities. They will have the opportunity to produce political advocacy proposals to be taken to the Assembly of Peoples and / or the Agora. There will be no requirement of producing documents, just the incentive.


– cultural political activities




– Women’s World Assembly or self-managed (awaiting decision of women’s movements and organizations)

– Plenary of the rapporteurs. A document will be produced collectively to be taken to the Assembly of Peoples, gathering the proposals of political incidence produced in the self-managed activities e/ou in the convergence activities. The document will be in accordance with the WSF Charter of Principles and may become a reference for future referrals of the WSF IC.


– World Assembly of Peoples


– Act towards the World Alternative Water Forum – FAMA and cultural political activity (the proposal is the realization of a “cultural political act”, towards the FAMA)




– Ágora of Futures and cultural political closure.

During the Agora of Futures, panelists will be presented with proposals for resistance and political influence after WSF 2018. The panels will be spread over a large space where proposals made during the self-organized activities of WSF 2018 will be socialized. It will be an opportunity to approach struggles and movements, strengthening actions of resistance.


IC meeting



IC meeting

Press conference


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  1. Edna Thomaz Rodrigues
    Edna Thomaz Rodrigues 3 weeks ago

    Olá, animadores da caminhada. Estou muito animada com o Fórum na Combativa Bahia e em particular em salvador.
    Vivi quatro anos lá e tomei lições diárias de resistência negra e social.

    Por favor não esqueçam de pautar a Tolerância Religiosa, caminhos de convergência e Respeito. Estamos fartos de tanta
    Será um fòrum marcante, com certeza. Nos encontramos lá.
    ===============English ======================

    Hi, change makers. I am very excited about the Forum in Bahia and in particular in Salvador.
    I lived there four years and took daily lessons of black and social resistance.

    Please do not forget Religious Tolerance, ways of Convergence and Respect. We are fed up with so much
    intolerance. It will be a remarkable forum, for sure.
    We meet there.

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