Banca de artesanato e alimentos em feira de Economia Solidária. Em destaque, vendedora exibe um dos produtos

Initiatives based in solidary economies’ principles and practices, interested in participating in the World Social Forum may subscribe themselves to the selective process to occupy spaces shared to the commercialization of products.

One of the Forum’s main goals since its creation is the strengthening of another economy that already happens in communities and productive networks, proposing solidary relations between popular business and their products’ consumers. Therefore, solidary and popular economy has political and organizing priority in the FSM 2018, with space for exposition, exchange, offer of services or food, craftwork and productions of the organizations and its partnerships.

Subscriptions must be made until 02/20/2018, exclusively through the WSF website. After that, the Workgroup of Solidary Economy from the Facilitator Group of the WSF 2018 will set up a selection process of the initiatives based in criteria that take into account the diversity of segments, continents, countries and Brazilian states, from various social movements participating in the Forum’s organization process and the variety of products and services. This definition will also take into consideration the Brazilian legal demands, from states and cities as well as available spaces.

Organizations will be informed from the result of their subscription by the workgroup and the selected ones will have to pay a fee of R$ 100,00 or the equivalent value in their countries’ currency.

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Shared Communication of the WSF 2018
Text: Rita Freire
Translation: Vitor Dantas


  1. Laudinea da paz lira 3 years ago

    Faço parte da ecosol regiao metropolitana de Recife

  2. Irany Batista 3 years ago

    Quero participar da feira

  3. Maria da Penha Lourenço 3 years ago

    Compartilhar participar
    Aprender ensinar trocar ideias transformar e multiplicar ideias

  4. prezados, tentei inscrever atividade para feira de economia solidária mas após inscrever no formula´rio especifico e submeter a inscrição aponta para uma pagina….Por favor, suporte, como garantir a inscrição nessa atividade? mandei mensagem ao suporte mas até agora não obtive resposta.

  5. Patrícia de Andrade Oliveira 3 years ago

    Gostaria de participar da feira da economia solidária

    • FMML WFFM 3 years ago

      Esperamos que tenha dado tudo certo. Como você viu, houve processo de inscrição e seleção em função dos critérios da Economia Solidária.
      Grupo de Trabalho

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