In-Place Participants

With the right to the bag + Badge, to be withdrawn at the beginning of the event

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Committee or the Working Group

Register your Committee or the Working Group


Entity (organization)

Right to 3 Participants, 3 Bags, 3 Badges + 1 Activity (1 shift of 2h).

Make payment


Your organization can register up to 3 activities. Remember: the first is included in the payment of the entity.

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Solidarity inscriptions

You can help cover costs for FSM 2018 by making a number of subscriptions you wish to pay (as in-place participants). When receiving the registration coupon, return it by informing: contribution. Right to a WSF gift.

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Special Cases

For different values or inscriptions, click below to send the request details

Subscriptions Help

Solidarity Economy Fair

Solidarity economy enterprises can apply for shared product marketing spaces. Entries must be made until 02/20/2018, after which there will be selection. Those selected must pay a fee of $ 100.00 or that equivalent amount in their currency of origin.

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Dúvidas sobre Inscrições e preços?


$20.00 agora.


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