WSF organizers promote anti-Davos and democracy day in Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre brought together social movements and leaderships in opposition to the Davos World Economic Forum, and against the coup process in Brazil, now with a hasty judgment to get Lula out of the electoral contest. The WSF’s event was attended by  representatives of the MST (landless), MTST (homeless), UNE (students) and parliamentarians..
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People´s Summit  “Fuera OMC” calls social movements for the WSF 2018
The People’s Summit “Out WTO”, held in Buenos Aires, in parallel to the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting, ended Wednesday with the Final Declaration of the Summit against the advancement of free trade agreements and calling for the participation of social movements in the the World Social Forum to be held in Salvador, Bahia, March 13-18, 2018.
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World Assembly of Women will take the WSF on the morning of march 16
The main single activity of women in the World Social Forum 2018, in Salvador, the World Assembly of Women will be held on the morning of March 16 and should be an exclusive activity of the schedule at this morning.
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Inscriptions for activities at the WSF 2018 go until the 20th
Subscriptions to the World Social Fórum (FSM2018) are  open in the website Anyone interested can apply in the  modalities of Participant, Committee and Workgroup, Entity, Activity, Solidary Subscriptions and Special Cases. The deadline for subscriptions goes until February 20th, with exception to subscription of participants and organizations that can be made online, until March 12, and on location during the event.
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WSF Youth Camp can receive more than six thousand people
More than just a lodging, the Intercontinental Youth Camp (IYC) is a place for political discussions during the World Social Forum (WSF2018). This time,  the camp will be set up at Salvador’s Agricultural Exhibition Park from the 11th to the 18th of March, and is capable of receiving six thousand people.

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FSM 2018 open subscriptions to the Popular and Solidarity Economy Fair
Initiatives based in solidary economies’ principles and practices, interested in participating in the World Social Forum may subscribe themselves to the selective process to occupy spaces shared to the commercialization of products. Subscriptions must be made until 02/20/2018, exclusively through the WSF website.
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Residents of Salvador can apply for volunteer work
Those who already live or will be in the city, for WSF 2018, interested in having 6 hours of voluntary work (without pay) from March 13 to 17, must complete the form and wait for a communiqué. There will be selection and training.
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