The Radio Democracia, in partnership wit several communal and socially (militant) radios and their
corresponding volunteers, will make transmissions) of the actions in favour of democracy, against
the neoliberal system and in defense of Lula directly from Porto Alegre from the 23rd january on.
The Radio Democracia comprises approximately 250 radios, present in over 200 municipalities and
covering 11 province capitals all over Brazil. As partners, the Shared Communication Network of
the WSF and the web radio « FSM no AR » join together with the Radio Democracia in the
transmission of the Global Anti-Davos Action at Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul on the
23rd of january.

The Anti-Davos struggle is a world call to action by the organisations participating to the WSF and
will count on the presence of the senators Paim and Requião, Mariana Dias (UNE), Gilberto Leal
(CONEN), Salete Carolo (MST), Guilherme Boullos (MTST), of the deputies Alice Portugal and
Edegar Pretto, president of the legislative assembly – RS. The panel will be moderated by Rita
Freire, of the International Council of the WSF.

You can follow the transmission of the event on the WSF’s social media
Written with informations from the « Radio Democracia »
Shared Message WSF 2018

Shared Communication of the WSF 2018
Text: Rita Freire
Translation: Elodei Estier


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