Imagem convidados Ação global anti-Davos no Rio Grande do Sul

Social movements, political leaders and left-wing militants and progressives who seek the convergence of resistances he role are horrified by the Judiciary in completing the coup against democracy in Brazil – speeding up to get Lula out of the elections. Created by the civil society, the Anti-Davos and Democracy Act in Porto Alegre reaffirmed the strategic position of the World Social Forum (WSF 2018) in bringing together the political and social forces in a time of such gravity.

The action of the WSF were represented by various movements such as the MST, with Eliane Moura, MTST, Guilherme Boulos, UNE, Mariana Dias, CONEN with Gilberto Leal, and political leaders such as Senators Paulo Paim and Roberto Requião, federal deputies, Alice Portugal and Manuela D’Avila, and the president of the Legislative Assembly (RS), Edegar Pretto, as well as former minister Jaques Wagner and former senator Eduardo Suplicy. All these forces will have to end their conflicts and find spaces of convergence, including with their various proposals and projects for Brazil. Their point in common is the concern about threatened democracy and the fundamental importance of dialogue within civil society.

The Anti-Davos Act refers to the thoughts and acts against decisions made at the World Economic Forum which are undemocratic and excluding economic models. The debate invites society to think about how the forces in Davos impose their plans to the rest of the world. To prevent resistance they may use media, weapons, or demolition of democracies. The current political situation in Brazil, including Lula’s lawsuit is nothing more than an instrument for the reorganization and submission of Brazil to the neoliberal plans of Davos. The WSF is fundamental to show these connections and to enable resistance strategies and alternatives for another possible future.
Shared communication FSM 2018
Text: Rita Freire
Translation: Agatha Sezanne

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