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Title Convergence Assembly of Initiatives for a Social and Ecological Transition

Axe - Territory


Descrição / Relato

In our world of interdependence, it is necessary to gather, inspire and act to build an inclusive and harmonious globalization. The stakes are ever more demanding. The increased pressure to address climate challenges, including migrant and marginalized populations, the consequences of the digital revolution, the transformation of training and education institutions, the integration of youth into the world of work … are part to a set of complex issues that require sustainable solutions. Add the rising social tensions that grow inward and hatred of the other and it makes it all the more evident the urgency to act positively. The great challenge today is not the lack of solutions, but synergy between them. The world is a huge laboratory of social innovations to explore and promote. To make the social and ecological transition to an inclusive and harmonious globalization, we need to know, strengthen and build on these concrete solutions to raise awareness and build innovative public policies focused on citizen participation and the contribution of civil society organizations.
1. Bring together groups that carry out transition initiatives in different fields of action
2. Publicize these constructive and positive initiatives
3. Motivate the consolidation of a network of actors of the social and ecological transition
4. Establish a shared calendar of post WSF 2018 activities
Methodology: Assembly in 2 steps:
1) Presentation of initiatives
2) Planning the shared schedule of activities and consolidating networks

Participating organizations

Organisations participantes / Participating organizations: /Organizaciones participantes:/ Organizações participantes:
Collectif pour la transition sociale mondiale (Canada)
Katalizo (Canada / Colombie)
Rede Diálogos em Humanidade
RISE – International Network for Social and Ecological Innovation
Artebra – Associaçao Cultural Arte Brasileira (Brésil)
Miredes Internacional – Red internacional de migrantes, Refugiados y Desplazados (Mexique)
E-CHANGER – organización suiza de cooperación solidaria (Suisse)
Syndicom (Suisse)
RIPESS (Italie)
Ciranda (Brésil)
Human Rights Movement “Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan” (Kyrgyzstan)
FTQ (Quebec)
Association FIFAW (Maroc)
CICUP: Collectif InterUniversitaire de Coopération avec les Universités Palestiniennes (Palestine)
Grupo Novos Paradigmas (Brésil)
Instituto PACS – Politicas alternativas para il Cono Sur (Brésil)
FMTS -Fédération Mondiale des Travailleurs Scientifiques
NIGD – Network Institute for global democratisation (Finland)
Brechó EcoSolidário (Brésil)
Rede de Profissionais Solidários pela Cidadania (Brésil)
Escola de Sustentabilidade Integral (Brésil)

Date(s) - 16/03/2018
11:00 - 13:00 .


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