The main single activity of women in the World Social Forum 2018, in Salvador, the World Assembly of Women will be held on the morning of March 16 and should be an exclusive activity of the schedule at this morning.

The proposal, as explained by Fátima Froes of the Women and Media Network (Rede Mulher e Midia) and member of the WSF Facilitator Group, is to ensure that women with diverse political agendas in the WSF are free to discuss gender issues, feminist agenda and women’s struggles.

The Assembly’s themes are in dialogue with feminist organizations and women’s groups in social movements and will be directly linked with the convocations of March 8. In Salvador, participation in the Assembly is being built by the same group that organized the activities of March 8, starting a cicle of activities in Bahia’s capital city towards the WSF. The group has already chosen for its traditional march of the 8th a motto associated with the WSF 2018: Woman, Resist and Transform!The proposal is to display this phrase in a large vertical band fixed from top to bottom in Elevador Lacerda, tourist point in Salvador, with a large flow of peolple.

Started by black women’s network organizations, the group prepares, in addition to participation in the Assembly, a Court against racism and a major Black Women’s March at the WSF, activities scheduled for March 14th.

The proposal of the World Assembly of Women was presented to the WSF International Council at a meeting in October 2017, based on dialogues on the concerns of women in war situations, such as Kurdish women combatants, solidarity with those resisting occupation and apartheid in Palestine, and the organization of Brazilian black women against feminicide and the extermination of the youth.

The international convocation of the Assembly is scheduled for the first week of February.Those interested in participating in your construction should write to , under the title Participate in the WAW.

Shared Communication of the WSF 2018
Text: Rita Freire
Translation: Fátima Froés
Photo: Blog da Ana


  1. Regina Bonfá 5 years ago

    Dar visibilidade a luta das mulheres do nosso planeta é fundamental neste evento mundial, lembrando sempre que a nossa luta é barulhenta e com avanços, porém sem armas sem destruição de seres, de patrimônios ou da natureza. Realizada com racionalidade e respeito às diversidades humana. Juntas somos fortes.

  2. Lucélia Silva 5 years ago

    Fazer saber que somos fortes quando nos unimos,e que exigimos a garantia de nossos direitos e um dos princípios da constituição federal o direito a dignidade e a liberdade

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