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More than just a lodging, the Intercontinental Youth Camp (IYC) is a place for political discussions during the World Social Forum (WSF2018). This time,  the camp will be set up at Salvador’s Agricultural Exhibition Park from the 11th to the 18th of March, and is capable of receiving six thousand people.

Artistic performances, shows and a meeting will be part of IYC’s activities, that will also provide a gastronomic village with products from solidarity economy, free stages to perform, a roundtable and also the “rhythms of youth” project, that will feature artists whose themes dialogue with the perspectives and problems that concern the youth. The camp’s structure will provide a shared kitchen, chemical toilets and showers.

Those who are interested in joining WSF Youth Camp should first apply on WSF’s official website. Registration to access the IYC will be held from February 17, with the collection of another collaborative fee for the kit, that contains: plate, glass, cutlery and bracelet that gives access to the park.

  1. Kelly 5 years ago

    Não consegui fazer o cadastramento para o acampamento, alguém pode me ajudar ?

    • Mariana Dutra 5 years ago

      Até o fim da semana entrará no site.

  2. Sindicato dos trabalhadores em educação de Dourados 5 years ago

    Como fazer a inscrição do acampamento?

    • Mariana Dutra 5 years ago

      Até o fim da semana entrará no site.

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