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    Web Rádio FSM 2018

    Organizations, committees, working groups?

    When you sign up you will have the option to register your organization or request its inclusion if the entity or movement has already been registered. Also ask to be included in working groups or start committees.

    March, assemblies, self-organized activities

    Accompany and participate in the collective construction of WSF 2018 programming. As registration and confirmations occur, preparations for the event in Bahia are gaining form in the world.


    Ask your questions or send your email adress to receive updates



    Ask for the arts for your materials, among the creations available

    Menino com tambor
    Tambor Traço

    Remember the choice of the 2018 logo

    The logo created by the artist Beto Fagundes, from Porto Alegre – RS, and which had the participation of the designer of Flora Farias, from Vitória da Conquista – BA in the proposal of composition, received the best evaluation of the people who voted through the internet, among the three selected by the Technical Commission, from 06 to 16 September.  Here

    Artes e banners espalham o FSM

    Do logo aos materiais prontos para impressão, de selos criativos para websites e redes sociais a camisetas e sacolas de participantes, materiais para divulgar o FSM vão sendo criados,  recriados e disponibilizados  em vários idiomas pelo Coletivo de Comunicação do FSM para quem quiser compartilhar e reproduzir.


    Deixe uma mensagem e etornaremos o mais rápido possível. You can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap./puede enviarnos un correo electrónico y nos comunicaremos con usted lo antes posible./vous pouvez nous envoyer un email et nous reviendrons vers vous, dès que possible.

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