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Título Women Marriage Migrants on Neoliberal Globalization/Mulheres migrantes matrimoniais na globalização neoliberal

Tema - Território

Lema Intolerância e Xenofobia, Um Mundo sem Racismo

Descrição / Relato


For the future of our children and our world, defend our rights and dignity, fight neoliberal globalization.

This is the theme of the workshop being organized by the Alliance of Marriage Migrants’ Organizations for Rights and Empowerment (AMMORE) during the World Social Forum 2018 in Salvador, Brazil.

Formalized in 2017, the AMMORE has become the platform for marriage migrants all over the globe to speak up about their issues, launch campaigns and engage in various initiatives that will advance the rights and welfare of all marriage migrants and their families as well as all migrants and peoples.

For the AMMORE, the struggle of marriage migrants, who are mostly women, are not bound within the four corners of their home. They also struggle against various forms of discrimination, labor exploitation and abuse, social exclusion, and violence perpetuated by a global capitalist system that puts premium on profit at the expense of people and planet.


Through this workshop, the AMMORE hopes to raise awareness not only on the plight and struggles of marriage migrants to lead a good life for their families but also on their contribution to a growing global migrant movement fighting neoliberal globalization. As our sisters from Asia and North America will provide their experiences in struggles and victories, it is also hoped that insights of marriage migrants in Latin America be gathered. All these will contribute to a campaign to amplify the voices of marriage migrants in the international level.


1. Welcome and Introduction (10 minutes)
2. Realities of Marriage Migrants’ Struggles in Asia by Hsia Hsiao Chuan (20 minutes)
3. Realities of Marriage Migrants’ Struggles in Canada by Rita Acosta (20 minutes)
4. Open Forum (30 minutes)
5. Introduction about AMMORE by Rey Asis (10 minutes)
6. Workshop on Ways Forward (20 minutes)
7. Synthesis (10 minutes)

Date(s) - 15/03/2018
13:00 - 15:00 .


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