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Título *Resisting the Empire!

Tema - Território


Descrição / Relato

This workshop will cover the backgrounds and origins of the US Empire in the era between the two world wars, during the cold war and post cold war until present, will study all aspects of the world capitalism empire: economics, military, etc. and ways to resist it.

It will also discuss the features and characteristics of the contemporary state of the empire by examining the world system of capitalism that imposes its hegemony by waging overt and covert wars in the five continents. Review the history and function and damages that the US Imperialism has caused around the world.

Alternative models to counter capitalism will be discussed: Socialism, Libertarian Socialism, Anarchism, etc.
The study will also predict the future of the empire and its decline.

Date(s) - 14/03/2018
13:00 - 16:45 .


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