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Título *Mega hidroelétricas (na Amazônia) - Problemas e Alternativas

Tema - Território

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Title: Mega hidroeléctricas (en las Amazonas) – Problemas y Alternativas / Hydropower Mega-Projects – Problems & Alternatives

Short Description:
Are mega hydroelectric projects a solution to climate change? What is happening in the world, Latin America and in the Amazon with mega hydropower projects? What are the costs, impacts, and problems? What are some concrete experiences of resistance to mega dam projects? And what are the alternatives to mega hydroelectric projects?

Since the Paris Climate-Agreement 2015, there is a global consensus that global warming is real and that average global temperature should stay well below 2 Degrees and even better within 1.5C. Even the critical voice of the Trump Administration could not stop the global movement to reduce the impact on climate change. This is good news!
But we expect powerful governments and financially rich countries – who should provide financial means for adaptation and mitigation (due to the common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities(CBDR+RC) and polluter pays principles) – to support more and more “clean” energy. Clean energy is usually seen as the same as renewable energy, though the analysis of different forms of energy production is not sufficient. On the example of Hydropower Megaprojects, (such in planning but also realized projects), we can show problems of energy production even if it is considered as clean. There are many hidden emissions in Hydropower Megaprojects but also very serious social problems resulting out of it.
The objective of the workshop is to highlight social problems related to Hydropower Megaprojects, exchange on experiences and discuss potential joint strategies for real alternatives and solutions.

Structure of the workshop:
1.Welcome Speech (10min) – Bernd Nilles; former SG of CIDSE and current SG of Fastenopfer
· Mega-Projects do not fit with just development for all
· We need another paradigm – this should also influence the way how we produce and consume energy

2. Panel: Stories of Problems (80min)
Prepared Stories (3 * 10min):
· Case Bolivia, El Bala y Chepete (Pablo)
· Munduruku Community – succesful resistance (Tapajos)
· Rositas (Martin, Plataforma de Lucha contra el Cambio Climático)

3.Solutions (30min):
How should just and sustainable hydropower look like?

Date(s) - 16/03/2018
13:00 - 15:00 .


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