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Título From Ecovillages to Ecocities co-building, a real masterplan starting in Bahia.

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Lema A vida não é mercadoria

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Topic : From Ecovillages to Ecocities building, a real masterplan starting in Bahia.
Activities : presentation, Q&A, use cases.
Duration : 3h.
One option for a better life is to resist and change society from the inside. But did you think about the alternative way : starting new societies from scratch, based on a fair social contract ? Since 2006, Smala team is preparing a masterplan on creating an ecocity from scratch in south of Bahia, gathering all the good practices promoted in networks such as the World Social Forum, ecovillages, TED talks, Alternatibas, social entreprises …
We have the experience, because since 1993, Smala team has created/incubated in Switzerland over 40 eco-communities within a federation member from the Global Ecovillage Movement (GEN). Based on our experiences in socio-digital inclusion with wikipedians, in Social Economy with creation of a state alternative chambers of fair trade, in living together with intercultural and intergenerational cohabitat & coworking services (inspired by slashdot approach of karmic democracy), wikinomics, DIY etc, we are now concretely lauching this large cooperative non speculative real estate project near Ilheus, Bahia.
Our motto is that a way to avoid a societal human collapse is to develop economical and ecological poles (that we name Ecopols), and provide a real protection for honest people form unloyal oligarchic markets. We think such Ecopol can make us live in a fully integrated, non-speculative and fairly digitally-driven environment. More details at

Date(s) - 15/03/2018
16:00 - 19:00 .


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